Can a Breastfeeding Mother Get Pregnant or Take Postinor 2?

Can a breastfeeding mother get pregnant? This is one question so many nursing mums want a clear answer to.

Reason being that Moms who are breastfeeding are usually very cautious about their habits, especially what they consume.

The overwhelming love they have for their newborns increases their curiosity to know what lifestyle is best for them – does and don’t.

Sex is one of the major things new mum wants to know about because sexual urge will definitely come. So one question they ask often is what this topic is all about.

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Can A Breastfeeding Mother Get Pregnant?

Yes, it is possible for a breastfeeding mother to get pregnant, however, some key factors are involved. Most nursing mothers do not get pregnant until their first period has passed, this period is called the “warning period”.

Some women may become pregnant after the first cycle, while others will need a few more months of cycles before they stand a chance of getting pregnant.

However, there are women who may not be able to get pregnant until complete weaning has taken place, though this is extremely rare.

It is almost impossible for pregnancy to occur during the first 3 months of nursing. In fact the occurrence is less than 2% between the 3rd and 6th month, and about 6% after a 6 month period.

Birth Control During Breastfeeding

Well there is one common method of birth control during a woman’s breastfeeding period. This is known as Lactational Amenorrhea Method or L.A.M.

This birth control is the natural postpartum infertility, which occurs when a breastfeeding mother isn’t menstruating.

However, there are differing theories on fertility and breastfeeding. These include –

  • You cannot depend on breastfeeding to prevent a woman from getting pregnant
  • Any amount of breastfeeding is enough to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. This is regardless of whether the nursing mother sees a return of her period

Studies have shown that exclusive breastfeeding is an effective form of birth control. However, this requires certain criteria to be met.

The criteria required for this are –

  • Your baby must be less than 6 months old
  • Your menstruation is yet to return
  • Your baby is being breast fed on cue. This means during the day and during the night, and is exclusively fed breast milk

How A Breastfeeding Mother Can Reduce Her Chance of Getting Pregnant

The return to a fertility stage in women may vary. This depends on the newborn’s nursing pattern and the sensitivity of the mother’s body to the hormones responsible for lactation.

The main factor responsible for the return of a woman to her fertility stage is the frequency and total amount of time she spends breastfeeding her baby per 24 hours.

A nursing mom is very likely to return to her fertility stage if her baby’s nursing frequency and duration is lowered. It has also been proven that in some women, breastfeeding at night will slow down the return to fertility.

A recent study showed that nursing moms who are separated from their babies have a greater chance of getting pregnant. The study showed an occurrence of 52% in the first 6 months.

The study also revealed that placing your baby on a solid food diet is also an important factor in the return of fertility.

Can A Breastfeeding Mother Take Postinor 2?

The answer is yes, although a breastfeeding mother should consult her doctor before she takes any kind of drug. This is because any drug a breastfeeding mother takes can trickle into her breast milk, eventually to the baby via breastfeeding.

According to the National Drug Strategy, drugs that can pass into a mother’s breast milk include all forms of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, pharmaceutical medications and prescription medications.

Postinor 2 is a “morning after pill” and medical experts have certified that it is quite safe for nursing mothers to take.

Conditions For Breastfeeding & Drug Use

As I mentioned earlier, any drug a nursing mother consumes may enter her breast milk and will eventually be fed to the baby via breastfeeding. This means there are several conditions you should adhere to if you need to take medication during your breastfeeding period.

These are –

  • You must tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are breastfeeding before they prescribe your drugs
  • Be sure to breast feed your baby just before you take your medication. This would limit the occurrence of the drug in your breast milk
  • Do not take hard drugs as they can be harmful to you and your new born

The amount of drugs passed into breast milk depends on the type of drug you’re taking and the dosage you take.

Can A Woman Continue To Breastfeed When She Is On Medication?

Breastfeeding is very healthy for your baby, so stopping it because you are on a particular medication means you are depriving your baby of the much needed natural vitamins.

Breastfeeding should only be stopped if the medication you are taking will harm your baby, if not, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with being on medication and breastfeeding during the same period.

Please note that you should only take medication that would help your condition.

Any other medication that can’t wait should be avoided during the breastfeeding period.

If you have an illness during your breast feeding period, then you need to take the required medication.

Failure to treat an illness is more dangerous than taking the medication itself so be well advised.

Below are a few drugs that are safe to take during breastfeeding.

Paracetamol – You can take paracetamol when you have headaches. Go for brand names that can be trusted

Aspirin – It is safe to take aspirin if you have body pains. You can avoid breastfeeding for about 2 hours after taking aspirin to reduce the occurrence in your breast milk.

Ibuprofen – This is safe to take for anti-inflammatory purposes while you are breastfeeding


Many nursing mothers have wondered how can a breastfeeding mother get pregnant? Is it really possible. Medical studies have given us the answers we need, many of which I have shared in this article.

Also, it is quite safe for a nursing mother to take Postinor 2 after intercourse. Note that Postinor 2 is an emergency contraceptive and should be taken not more than 72 hours after intercourse.

Good luck!

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