Chronic Masturbation Meaning And Its Effects On Health

Chronic masturbation meaning is the same as intense, frequent or too much masturbation. Imagine masturbating 3-7 times daily.

 Medically, it is called compulsive masturbation. Another word for compulsive is obsessive which could mean consuming, dominating or controlling.

When you are consumed by masturbation addiction, your health could be at risk. The reality is that certain health issues that will hit you tomorrow are connected to your habits and addictions of today. Take for instance:

According to research, men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40 who frequently masturbated five times(5X) a week or more has been linked to an increased cause of prostate cancer, while the same amount of masturbation done by men in their 50’s reduced the risk of prostate cancer.

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In this post, we will look at chronic masturbation meaning and how it can affect your health.

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Masturbation VS Chronic Masturbation Meaning


Masturbation is the act of stimulating your own body and brain to create pleasure.

It often involves touching your genitals or, perhaps, other sexual play.

The process differs from individual to individual, depending on their various fantasies.

Some people enjoy using toys, erotica, pornography, and any other materials that will aid for a pleasurable experience.

Chronic Masturbation Meaning

Chronic masturbation, on the other hand, is engaging in the act more often than usual to an extent it begins to wear you out, yet, you can’t stop.

It usually springs up a lot of psychological issues.

Medically speaking, chronic masturbation has been referred to as a type of paraphilia related disorder, a condition whereby a person engages in masturbation behavior in a way that it causes severe implications.

Not only does it affect your health, it also affects your social life.

I have been opportune to meet with lots of individuals who battle with chronic masturbation.

It feels like their lives are deeply controlled by this addiction. I could tell how helpless they are while chatting with them.

Effects Of Chronic Masturbation On Health       

Here are some side effects of chronic masturbation:

Higher Risk Of Early Prostate Cancer

According a research conducted by a team of England’s University of Nottingham Medical School, it was discovered that “Frequent masturbation during men’s 20s and 30s increased their risk of prostate cancer; while for men above 50 years, it reduces the risk.

In the course of this study, 840 men participated. 431 of them had prostate cancer by age 60, and 409 of them did not have cancer.

These men disclosed their sexual activities history for the purpose of this study. The information collected includes frequencies of intercourse and masturbation during their different age decades (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s).

The results were astonishing. Sexual intercourse did not affect prostate cancer risk. But frequent masturbation did — in different ways, at different times of life.

A Decrease In Sexual Sensitivity

The more you have sex using your hand, you’re going to wear off the nerves in charge of sensitivity.

Apart from less sensitivity, you feel less pleasure even when with your partner.

For the male folks, it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to visual stimulation, no woman or man is going to ever replace the porn stars already in your mind.

Socio–Occupational Dysfunction

One of the side effects of chronic masturbation is psychological, which is worse.

Given the time used in masturbating and making yourself happy, you lose time and valuable energy to work.

The more you keep up, you feel yourself slipping away from reality.

Feeling Depressive

Another con to chronic masturbation is the depression that hits after the act.

You’re disabled and can’t do anything about your situation. That makes it overwhelming to handle.

Increased Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a medical condition that has been numerously linked to compulsive masturbation.

You always feel anxious or, perhaps, always worrying or afraid. When those emotions affect your daily life, that is a full-blown anxiety disorder.

Wrapping Up

Some have guilt due to their religious and cultural beliefs. Some people, on the other hand, battle with the addiction, which affects their relationship and social life.

When you go overboard with anything, it becomes a problem that needs to be addressed.

Masturbation doesn’t need to affect a thing in your life.

It doesn’t have to replace your life partner or affect your daily life. When those begin to happen, it is a sign you need to seek help.

There are numerous psychologists on sexual health that are ever ready to help and guide you.

To have an excellent and quality life, halting masturbation might be the best route to take.

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