Mixing Orange Juice With Cream Of Tartar To Quit Smoking : Does It Work? (Insight + Snopes Facts Review On It)

Cream of tartar to quit smoking, does it work when mixed with orange juice? So much of this question is being asked daily and you will discover the truth here.

Those who smoke cigarettes will honestly tell you that quitting the habit is one of the hardest things to do.

They have over the years, employed several tactics to aid them in their mission of dropping the habit, all to no avail. In very recent times, the idea of using cream of tartar to quit smoking started popping up.

Not too long ago, a Facebook post which went viral (over 300,000 shares), claimed that simply mixing cream of tartar powder with orange juice and drinking it daily will help smokers drop the habit faster than they can imagine.

The post reads :

How I quit smoking by spending $5 of Food Stamps:
#QuitSmoking #Smoking #Nicotine #Addiction

I had been a smoker for many years and made several attempts to quit. First it was the patch, then the gum. Didn’t work. Tried acupressure, nope, my insurance at the time paid for Chantix so I tried that, moderate success. I quit for a period, but eventually started again.
When I got divorced, I lost the insurance plan I had and my new one wouldn’t pay for Chantix, so what was I to do?
When you’re poor and on limited income, being a smoker is horrible; do I want to eat or smoke, hmm. And there’s now way you can afford to buy the Patch and gum to help ween yourself off of them! So I was in between a rock and a hard place.
Well, I saw a post on Facebook that sounded pretty simple, and very inexpensive. I thought, “No way this is real” but I was desperate and willing to try about anything at that point. And here’s the kicker, what I was about to try, the remedy, I could buy using $5 in Food Stamps!
Why not! OK, here ya go, I did this and I quit in three days!

“Go to your favorite grocery store and buy Cream of Tartar Seasoning and a gallon of Orange Juice. Mix 1 teaspoon in a glass and drink once a day. I recommend when you get up and another glass halfway through your day. I know this sounds too simple, but it really works! The Cream of Tartar flushes the nicotine out of your system and blocks it from receiving it again! After about two days, smoking tastes like s***, you’re blocked from the nicotine rush and the desire is gone!”

Facebook was forced to flag this post, due to its commitment to fighting “fake news” and misinformation on its news feed. The main issue Facebook had with the post is that it lacked one very important element, and that is reference from credible medical sources. Being a health related matter, we can understand why Facebook didn’t take it lightly.

Unsurprisingly, the post, along with other publications of that nature have led many to ask – is it possible to use cream of tartar to quit smoking?

To properly figure out how mixing cream of tartar with orange juice can help a smoker quit, then we need to understand what cream of tartar is, what it is made of and what it can be used for.

What Is Cream Of Tartar?

For those who don’t know, cream of tartar is a white crystalline acidic compound which is derived as a byproduct of wine fermentation. It is also known as potassium bitartrate and has a molar mass of 188.177g/mol.

It is soluble in acid and water and it is used mainly in baking.

What Does Cream Of Tartar Contain?

Cream of tartar is very low in fat, but very high in potassium.

It is also very low in vitamin A, vitamin C, Calcium & Iron.

It has a formula of KC4H5O6.

Cream Of Tartar To Quite Smoking: Does Mixing Orange Juice And Cream Of Tartar Remove Nicotine From Your Lungs And Help You Quit Smoking?

As at this day, there has been no concrete scientific evidence to support the claim that mixing orange juice with cream of tartar to quit smoking is actually feasible.

The National Center For Complementary & Integrative Health, which is an arm of the U.S Department Of Health & Human Services, acknowledges that a variety of detoxification diets and therapies have been put forward as means to remove toxins from the body, lose weight and promote overall health.

However, they warn that some of these programs may be harmful, since there is no scientific evidence or research that supports the use of detox diets to remove toxins (nicotine) from the body.

Some articles and journals have alleged that cream of tartar triggers the adrenal glands to work in conjunction with the rest of your body, which automatically chooses the toxins it would eliminate via bowel movement, urine and sweating. They claim that this is exactly how consuming cream of tartar helps expel nicotine from the body.

It is however, a fact, that cream of tartar is very high in potassium and it has diuretic effects on the body. This diuretic effect means an increase in urine production, but it doesn’t totally explain how it influences metabolism.

So, is it possible to use cream of tartar to quit smoking and to expel nicotine from one’s body?

Neal Benowitz, who is a professor at the Center For Tobacco Control Research And Education at the University Of California, says he is not aware of any biological mechanism through which the potassium-rich cream of tartar can get the adrenal glands working.

He asserts that the majority of nicotine expelled from the body is done so by liver metabolism, and only a little fraction excreted unchanged in urine.

Professor Benowitz concluded that he knows no “biologically plausible argument” why mixing cream of tartar powder with orange juice would work to expel nicotine from the body.

The claim that mixing cream of tartar with orange juice and drinking a glass a day can remove nicotine from your lungs and help a smoker quit is purely pseudoscientific. More traditional scientific research methods would be required to prove beyond reasonable doubt that this mixture actually works.

Does Cream Of Tartar And Orange Juice Clean Your Lungs?

Cream of tartar has diuretic properties, so it causes a person to pee pore frequently. Many have claimed that a cream of tartar and orange juice mixture extracts toxins not just from your body, but from your lungs as well, and discharges them via your urine.

This claim may be correct, thanks once again to the highly diuretic features it possesses, but some scientific scholars who are Keen on the use of scientific methodologies for research and conclusions may disagree.

In all honesty, it will require more research and provable conclusions before this claim can be considered to be a fact!

Warning !!!

It has been scientifically proven that cream of tartar is an excellent purgative. However, it is dangerous to take it in excess!

Cream of tartar has very high levels of potassium, so taking it in excess would lead to a dangerous medical condition known as hyperkalemia (which is the occurrence of excess potassium in the blood)

Cream Of Tartar Uses in Food:

here are just but a few ways to use cream of tartar in food.

  • It stabilizes egg whites and increases their warmth, tolerance and volume
  • It stabilizes whipped cream and it maintains its texture and volume
  • It acts as an anti-caking and anti-thickening agent
  • It prevents sugar syrups from crystalizing, it does this by causing some of the sucrose to break down into glucose and fructose
  • It reduces discoloration of boiled vegetables

Cream of tartar can also be mixed with acidic citruses like orange juice or lemon juice to form a cleaning agent. This cream of tartar formed cleaning agent can be used on surfaces like brass, aluminum and copper.

It can also be mixed with water to be used in other cleaning applications, such as removing light stains from porcelain.

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Cream Of Tartar To Quit Smoking – Snopes Fact Check Summary

On using cream of tartar to quit smoking, here’s snopes fact check conclusion on all the information they got: 

Because no published support exists for the claim that cream of tartar can play any role in either the removal of nicotine from the body or as an aid to quit smoking, and because the scientific facts used to make that argument are incorrect, distorted, or irrelevant, we rank this claim “False.”

 Snopes is an online media. Its readers get to suggest and vote for topics they want clarification on. Snope will research on it and publish the content. Those contents are what they call snopes fact check.


Cream of tartar has many health benefits, and being an efficient purgative is one of them. It also mixes well with citrus fruits, and this is why many believe that mixing the right amount of cream of tartar with a glass of orange juice can help flush out toxins (specifically nicotine) from your body.

This claim has brought about differing views and opinions between those who claim to have experimented with it and assert that it works, and those who require proper scientific research, using strict scientific methods and proof that the said mixture can actually work.

The possibility of using cream of tartar to quit smoking or to expel nicotine from the lungs and body can’t be totally written off, as I believe more research is being done into the matter. It would be great for mankind if we could finally come to a proven conclusion on its benefits to quitting smoking.

Smoking is a difficult habit to quit and it seems like the older methods that have been employed to curb it don’t work so well. Mixing cream of tartar with orange juice might be the easy way out if proven to really work.

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