Here’s How To Stop Masturbation Addiction Permanently (Often Misspelled As Masterburate)

How to stop masturbation addiction permanently is a question so many people have kept asking because once you are into it, quitting becomes very difficult.

 I struggled with it for years before I was able to find a way out, and I will be sharing with you shortly how I broke free from this addiction.

To be honest, stopping it wasn’t as easy as waking up one morning to make a decision.

The reason is that constant masturbation is a habit– what you have been doing repeatedly for months or years.

Some people have had to live with this terrible addiction for a larger part of their lives.

Although we consider it as a means of relieving ourselves sexually, masturbation has ruined the happiness of many people and homes in different ways. The reality is that, certain health issues that will hit you tomorrow are connected to your habits and addictions of today. Take for instance:

According to research, men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40 who frequently masturbated five times(5X) a week or more has been linked to an increased cause of prostate cancer, while the same amount of masturbation done by men in their 50’s reduced the risk of prostate cancer.

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How I Stopped Masturbation Addiction Permanently

One of the ways to break free from a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit– this formula didn’t work for me.

It was really difficult. I have lost count of how many times I promised myself not to consider masturbation as a means of seeking sexual gratification.

For years, my New Year resolution would start with: stop masturbating.

These resolutions in some cases lasted for just 24 hours and the longest was a week before I broke the promise again.

I later would think of myself as being in bondage because I tried severally to break free but couldn’t.

The more I kept trying, the more I realize how weak I was and how strong and overpowering this habit could be.

I was literally helpless until I became spiritual about it. My approach was starving it to death and it worked.

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Starving Masturbation Urge to Death

Starving masturbation is deciding not to give in to the urge for a long period of time until its grip on you becomes weak.

It is a correction method that requires a tougher decision. And the strength to go through this comes from a higher power.

As a Christian, mine came from God and I was shocked at how easy it was for me to permanently stop this habit.

How I Starved It:

I took advantage of my church’s annual praying and fasting.

The church where I worship usually begins the year with a long praying and fasting that spans for over one month.

Member chose how long they want to go in a day. Some could do 6 am- 12noon.

While some can go on from 6 am-6pm or more. Individual strengths differ. I keyed into this fasting program and asked God for help.

First, I noticed that fasting made my body weak and literally increased my inner strength.

The few times I thought about masturbating, I couldn’t because I was fasting– my body was already weak while my inner strength waxed stronger.

This growth of strength now put me in control of this habit. It was indeed total freedom.

Each time I overcame the urge, my confidence bounced back.

By the time the fasting program was over, I’d developed enough confidence and the strength to keep the urge down each time it comes up again.

My body system readjusted and a new habit of not masturbating was formed. It was indeed a great transformation.

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7 Ways On How To Stop Masturbation Addiction Permanently

Here is a list of solutions that can really help you to completely get rid of masturbation:

1. Believe You Can Overcome

Research has shown that most things that happen to us, in reality, are a result of the things we believe in our subconscious mind.

When you believe it is very possible to conquer, it helps build your desire to quit masturbation.

Hence, developing in you the willingness to do all it takes and stave the urge for masturbation.

If you are seriously thinking of how to stop masturbation addiction permanently, believing you can no matter how much you have tried is the first step.

2. Stop All Access To Porn

Most times watching porn and erotic shows tend to cause compulsive urges that make you masturbate.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to stop watching porn; we advise that you try to redirect your attention by watching more sports, comedy, and inspirational shows.

You can also consider getting engaged in conversation that will really help to redirect your attention.

  The key is to avoid any form of nudity that stimulates your urge for masturbation.

3. Develop Healthy Outlet

Masturbation requires time, attention, and energy.

Although you masturbate, you are still very creative, energetic, and passionate.

Instead of being lonely, engage yourself in exciting and tasking goals.

The passionate feeling you gain from trying to achieve your stetted goal helps to refocus your attention.

Try out a new healthy hobby, go learn a skill, be creative and try to put your brain into work.

Engaging your mind is another approach that works if you are looking for how to stop masturbation addiction permanently.

4. Be Resilient In Seeking For Help

 To stop masturbation, you must be very determined, even if you stumble at some point, maintain the resiliency to seek assistance and counseling.

Please don’t feel ashamed to look for a counselor or minister you can confide in.

Open up to the person about your struggle and desire to overcome.

They will definitely give you healthy guidelines that will be very beneficial for your complete rehabilitation

5. Engage Yourself When You Are Alone

Being lonely or bored because you are idle can lead to masturbation.

Engaging yourself with activities will go a long way in purging negative emotions and thoughts.

Sometimes, when you sing or write out your thoughts, it does not only relieve you from burdens it also goes a long way to stir up new inspirations.

6. Constantly Develop Your Brain

Our response to issues is highly influenced by the type of information we assimilate into our brains.

The brain is the biggest sex organ. Everything starts as a thought.

It’s the brain that gives feedback for you to respond, that’s the more reason you need to pay attention to the type of information you feed your brain.

6. Prayer Works

You can only pray to a being higher than you.

When your strength is not enough to defeat a terrible habit such as masturbation, talking to God about it and being willing to discipline yourself will help you break free.

Street Methods On How To Stop Masturbation Addiction Permanently

  • Find a Partner

This definitely would not sound right to a lot of people but let’s face it: if you were in a sexual relationship with someone, would you still masturbate?

If you answered no, then find a partner or get married if you are really prepared.

So many live in denial. They tell you about how they don’t want to get involved in sexual immorality with anyone yet they can’t do without masturbation.

These sets of people consider sex as a sin and masturbation as not being a sin.

I believe that sex is sex whether done alone or with someone. If you must have sex, find a partner and not yourself.

  • Readjust Your Standard

So many people would not consider masturbation as a way out if they were married or in a sexual relationship.

And the reason why some are not in a relationship is that they are too picky or have high standards.

Well, it’s good to have great standards but when your expectation of people keeps you for so long single and no one to mingle with, you might want to have a review of what your standard is.

Wrapping Up

Masturbation is increasingly becoming an issue which requires more attention.

Ironically as it sounds, more youths are looking for how to stop masturbation addiction permanently. They are becoming more helpless.

The solutions we have proffered in this post will help you make strong decisions thus, break free from the shackles of this terrible habit.

We would like to read your thoughts on how to stop masturbation addiction permanently. Share with us what has worked for you.

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