How To Use Yoni Pearls Cleanse for Infection and Infertility

How to use yoni pearls cleanse is one question a lot of women often ask, especially when they are having vaginal yeast infection or infertility issues, hence considering yoni as a solution.

Apart from using boricap which is great in maintaining vaginal health and very powerful in destroying vaginal yeast infection– vaginal odour, discharge, irritation and itching; yoni pearls is another solution you can consider for your vaginal health.

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In fact, if you’re looking for a highly effective solution to stubborn vaginal infection and maintaining your feminine vigour, boricap is one to checkout; if you want an herbal approach, consider Yoni Pearls.

However, this post is about how to use yoni pearls cleanse and other things you need to know about it.

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Inserting Yoni: Here’s How To Use Yoni Pearl Cleanse

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is wash your hands, so as not to contaminate the process with some dirt. After removing the detox from the beautiful package, untie strings from the pearls, and make a knot for easy removal.

Step 2: Lay on your bed, with your knee very close to your chest. With the most extended finger, which is the middle, gently push in the yoni pearls deeply into your vagina.

Step 3: Leave the detox in your vagina for a day or two days.

Step 4: Wait for twenty-four hours before inserting anther detox in your vagina.

Step 5: Repeat the process for complete detoxification. With yoni steam, you will be assisting in cleaning and removing toxins for the vagina.

Step 6: When you’re ready to stop the detox, gently remove the pearls from your vagina, and don’t forget to wash with warm water. If you’re going to do the removal using your finger, ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

Most times, it is advisable to allow the pearls to fall off by itself. It naturally happens after two to three days. If you start experiencing itching or irritation, do take a bath and clean your vagina with organic tea tree oil.

Changes To Expect After Using Yoni Pearls

Many prefer to pull this yoni pearls after twenty-four hours, or two days. When that is done, you will notice that the yoni pearls have somewhat increased in size. What happened?

The formulation of yoni pearls allows it to absorb much of what is found within the vaginal environment.

These might include thick vaginal secretion, bacteria absorption, odor and more.

Yoni Pearls tends to enhance your overall health while paying attention to your sexual health. Some users have noticed its help in facilitating the healing process of the vagina, most notably after childbirth.

After a successful detoxing, you will discover how drastic your health improves. That is because the product has balanced the hormonal levels in your system.

 For the best result, 3 Yoni Detox Peals can handle one cleanse, and getting 6 Detox pearls is enough to start detoxification.

Using it for duration of seven to nine days is ideal, depending on your body system. Some people have used this product more than this timeframe.

Can Yoni Pearls Help You Get Pregnant?

Yoni pearl is used in vaginal steaming which helps to cleans hence benefit the female reproductive organ.

First, vaginal steaming is an alternative health treatment whereby a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing herbs. Because yoni pearls is made with herbs, some women love to use it for this steaming.

Although the effectiveness of vaginal steaming is yet to be proven scientifically, many users have commented on how this ancient practice helps to improve fertility

 Here’s how it works

Most fertility challenge women face is often as a result of indurations of the uterine wall.

When the walls of your uterine haven’t entirely shed during its circles, this can cause an accumulation of old materials. No doubt, this hampers the chances of conception.

With the use of Yoni Steam, herbal materials are introduced to the uterus, which helps detach these old materials while deeply cleaning itself.

 The unwanted materials are often discharged through menstruation. Yoni Pearls helps improve your fertility, but it also combats against some sexually transmitted infections like yeast.

When you start practicing yoni steaming, changes you will see include thicker, darker blood during menstruation. It shouldn’t scare you, as they are merely old materials getting ejected from your womb.

Take two to three months to detox your body, and then go back to conceive. The time duration is to give your body time to clean and prepare the body for pregnancy. During this period, ensure you practice yoni steaming two times a week when you’re not menstruating.

The two to three months of detox is an opportunity to calm your body, mind, and spirit.

Try to watch your diet and do away with alcohol, coffee, or any processed food. Possibly, indulge in yoga if you can.

After three months, go back to your intention to conceive and see. However, Since body systems aren’t the same, you might experience a faster or perhaps, slower result.

If there is no severe damage to your reproductive organ, conception is bound to happen. As you wait to conceive, continue avoiding coffee, alcohol, processed foods, or gluten. Rely more on vegetables, fruits, honey, coconut oil, pumpkin, etc.

Yoni Detox Pearls In Nigeria

Although the scientist community might not entirely be in support of steaming, numerous women have had good experience using it.

The commonplace where you can order for Yoni Pearls is o online.

Get it on Jumia if you are in Nigeria or Amazon if you are outside Nigeria. They come at various bundles and prices, which give you the luxury to make a choice. They are cheap and affordable, which is an edge it has over some similar products in the market.


You cannot fully grasp the compelling nature of yoni pearls. It is an old age practice that was forgotten for years.

  A lot of women have used this yoni pearl cleanse to improve certain feminine condition they weren’t comfortable with.

According to users, this product works even though it comes with some weird discharges after use.

Yoni pearl cleanse is an organic product which does not contain any chemical, nor cause any hazard to the body. The fact is, it has passed over 100 clinical tests, thereby attesting that this product is beneficial.

Since your body often accumulates toxins through the food you eat, the environment, or STI, this element cleanses and detox your womb and vagina. Also, it can combat against pathogens and infections.

Many keep asking if the product comes with any side effects. Yoni Pearls doesn’t come with any side effect, or toxic in any way.

 It is a product with organic materials that would benefit your body, especially in tackling infection.

Its unique ingredients help maintain a healthy acid environment, coupled with the regulation of the endocrine gland secretion.

 According to numerous health officials, it also normalizes blood circulation and helps with ailments like hemorrhoids, pelvic inflammatory disease.

However, when yoni fails to deliver you, consider this boricap suppository which we have found to be highly effective. Get this boricap on amazon or Jumia.

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