Masturbation No Longer A Sin? Here’s Pope’s View About It

Masturbation no longer a sin ? This question has been trending ever since Pope Francis shared his view about masturbation recently.

Someone once said he is a known controversialist and unconventional, which often makes the whole Catholic Church an object of ridicule. And his view on masturbation was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

He said that masturbation is no longer considered a sin. He went further to admonish the church to be open-minded and update its life. According to him, every man and woman has, at one point in life, tried it. he said, “It is part of life and nature, and we must assume it’”

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Let it not come as a surprise if millions of people applauded this comment. They did, while many who had the spirit of discernment prayed silently for forgiveness. His comment caused an uproar in the catholic church.

When I read the news, I knew something was off. I began to dig around the internet to verify its authenticity. That was when I stumbled on ThisISNews and discovered it was nothing but fake news.

 The quote, however, was made up of this website with a well-concealed satire disclaimer.

The news, which made the Christian community go haywire went viral on February 17, 2019. Unfortunately, most readers are more interested in the title and thumbnail. Before you say, Jack Robinson, they have clicked the share button. On the hoax website, here is a look at the disclaimer

“The site ‘there is news’ is a humor site whose purpose is entertainment. The content of TIN is fiction and doesn’t correspond to reality. All references, names, brands, or institutions that appear on the site are used as contextual elements, as in any novel and fiction account.”

Funny enough, the link to this disclaimer is tough to find on the website. When you eventually click the link, you get bombarded with lots of infinity ad links.

In other words, the Pope never said masturbation is not a sin. It is broad daylight fake news.

Masturbation Is No Longer A Sin: Fake News That Got Some People Excited And You Shouldn’t Believe It

Come to think of it, would you really believe masturbation is not a sin if the Pope says so? That would make you so feeble. Remember, the Bible talked about not being moved by every wave of doctrine. No matter who the person is, you have your Bible and the spirit of discernment.

When the news of Pope’s support to masturbation hit the internet, a lot of people were happy. These are the lost sheep that were entrusted to us Christian to save. However, the devil has several means to keep them stuck and away from repentance. Our ultimate dream is heaven and we cannot meet that reward if every doctrine sways us. By knowing the truth, you will be able to help the lost.

Masturbation Remains A Sin: How To Break Away From It

Overcoming masturbation isn’t a rosy journey. I have seen a lot of great men and women reduced to nothingness by this strong addition. By facing it headstrong, you will be able to beat it like the champion you are. Instead of looking for doctrines to support your sinful act, turn to the word of God, and you’ll find strength for a smarter choice.

The thought of stopping masturbation is easy but the action of stopping it is hard. It takes more than your physical strength because man by default is weak.

By striving to beat masturbation through your mortal strength, you will end up meeting failure at every point. In fact, that is the quickest way to depression and more guilt.

I have battled with this sinful habit. I am a survivor. To be honest, I was beat hands down by this addiction. I nearly lost, not until I asked for the grace and power that comes with salvation. The moment I surrendered control over to God, that was the moment quitting this habit became easier.

That was not enough; I went the extra mile to eliminate every trigger. One of the first things I did was to un-follow some websites and blocked some social groups. That was when my freedom from masturbation sored up. I needed to that I genuinely knew I needed help.

Wrapping Up

With the level of information flying around the social media, it is easier now to get loss and confused than before. As such, whenever you hear any news or information that contradicts the truth you know, do not be quick to go with the flow. Invest your time to find out the source. This will help you not to be deceived.

However, because you have direct access to God, new wave of doctrines should not move you.

Masturbation is not just sin in the sight of God; it is a sin against your flesh. When you sin against your flesh, it draws you farther away from God.

There are many people out there who are yet to know the truth about what pope said.

They are still dwelling with the fake news that the Pope has ordained masturbation.

By sharing this post, you might just be exposing them to the truth.

When you hear that masturbation is no longer a sin, what was reaction and how did you feel?

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