Why Vaginal pH is Important?

vaginal pH

Vaginal yeast infections & bacterial vaginosis are the result of abnormal vaginal pH levels. When the pH of an area gets out of control, the outcome is clear. Vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis are perfect examples of what can go wrong when the ideal pH is not maintained.

How Can I Improve My Vaginal pH?

The best way to improve and maintain vaginal pH is by using BoriCap vaginal suppositories, and FloraPro daily probiotic.
Most bacteria that cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis have a difficult time surviving in the acidic environment of the vagina.

When vaginal pH becomes too high, BoriCap returns the vagina to its normal pH range, which allows the good bacteria to thrive, and the bad bacteria to die.  In addition, taking FloraPro once daily helps keep up the good bacteria in your vagina.


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The pH of your vagina at any point in time determines:

  • How comfortable and easy it is for bad bacteria to survive.
  • It also determines how easy it is for you to get infection in your vagina.
  • It can tell how healthy or vulnerable that area is.

While it is good to know how to maintain the pH of your vagina, it is also great to know some of the factors that changes the stability of your vagina pH. knowing these factors will help you cut down especially on the ones you have control over. I talk about a few of them in this post: 3 Worst Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment Mistakes

We would like to know other methods you have used to transform the health especially, the pH of your Vagina.

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